Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

NGC 4565: A giant spiral galaxy about 30 to 50 million light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices. First recorded in 1785 by William Herschel, it is a prominent example of an edge-on spiral galaxy. NGC 4565 It's one of the brightest member galaxies of the Coma 1 Group (Apparent magnitude : 10.42 ).
Instrument or Objective: Planewave 20 "CDK CDK 20
Imagers: ZWoptical ASI294MCpro
Frame: Software Bisque Paramount Paramount ME
Guiding instrument: Orion 102mm Maksutov Orion102
Guide camera: ASI ZWO ASI178MM
Software: SharpCap Pro 3.1, RawTherapee-4.2.48 and Adobe Lightroom.
Average age of the Moon: 4.50 days
Average phase of the Moon: 21.21%
Locations: Sternwarte Mariazell, 8630 Mariazell, Stmk, Austria.