Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

Messier 82 : is an irregular galaxy located at about 4.5 Mcf (~ 14.7 million a.l) from the Earth in the constellation Ursa Major1. Also called Cigar galaxy. Was first discovered by Johann Elert Bode on December 31, 1774 together with M81; he described it as a "nebulous patch", about 0.75 deg away from M81, "very pale and of elongated shape". In 1779, Pierre Méchain independently rediscovered both galaxies and reported them to Charles Messier, who added them to his catalog.
Instrument or Objective: Planewave 20 "CDK CDK 20
Imagers: ZWoptical ASI294MCpro
Frame: Software Bisque Paramount Paramount ME
Guiding instrument: Orion 102mm Maksutov Orion102
Guide camera: ASI ZWO ASI178MM
Software: SharpCap Pro 3.1, RawTherapee-4.2.48 and Adobe Lightroom.
Average age of the Moon: 4.50 days
Average phase of the Moon: 21.21%
Locations: Sternwarte Mariazell, 8630 Mariazell, Stmk, Austria