Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

M5 : A globular cluster in the constellation Serpens. It was discovered by Gottfried Kirch in 1702 and it's one of the largest known globular clusters.
At 13 billion years old, M5 is also one of the eldest globular clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy. Its distance is about 24,500 light-years from Earth, and it contains more than 100,000 stars, as many as 500,000 according to some estimates.
Apparent magnitude :+6.65
Instrument or Objective: Planewave 20 "CDK CDK 20
Imagers: ZWoptical ASI294MCpro
Frame: Software Bisque Paramount Paramount ME
Guiding instrument: Orion 102mm Maksutov Orion102
Guide camera: ASI ZWO ASI178MM
Software: SharpCap Pro 3.1, RawTherapee-4.2.48 and Adobe Lightroom.
Average age of the Moon: 4.50 days
Average phase of the Moon: 21.21%
Locations: Sternwarte Mariazell, 8630 Mariazell, Stmk, Austria