Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

Astrophotography Traning In Djerba, 15-19 Mars 2018 ( Youth and Sciences-Djerba Club)

The Astrophotography Training in Djerba, it is a national event that happens every year on the Island of Djerba in collaboration with the Tunisian Youth and Sciences-Djerba Club and with national and international Astronomers. The first version of this training it was in 2017, and since it was a very successful experience, so we decided to make this training every year. The Scientific supervision of this training is made my Prof. Lassad Akrout (The director of Youth and Sciences -Djerba Club) and Prof. Phillipe Morel (The president of the Astronomical Asssociation in France), in addition to several astronomers and PhD students from Astronomy and Astrophysics fields.