Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach_Tunisia

The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) is the IAU's hub for coordinating its public outreach activities around the world. The OAO_IAU coordinates and supports worldwide efforts to enhance public knowledge, appreciation and education of astronomy and related sciences. The National Outreach Coordinator (NOC) in Tunisia is the responsible for the implementation of the proposed IAU outreach initiatives at national level and for maintaining the relationship with the national communities of amateur astronomers.

The NOC Tunisia committee members are four :

1- Ahmed El Fadhel (Aerospacelab, Belgium & ESTEC/ESA, The Netherlands)

2- Asma Bdhief (Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers (TAYA), Tunisia)

3- Samaher Ben Elhadj slimene (Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers (TAYA), Tunisia)

4- Imen Titouhi (Tunis Science City (TSC) , Tunisia)

5- Riadh Ben Nessib (Tunis Science City (TSC) , Tunisia)

6- Wael Jomni (Youth and Science Association of Tunisia)

7- Zied Mejri (AstroMed club astronomie de medjez)

NOC roles and objectives:

The main goal of the NOC committee in Tunisia is:

1- Coordinating global outreach activities and has the function of connecting national efforts.

2- Communicate regularly with the IAU OAO.

3- Orgeninzing astronomy outreach activities in the country.

4- Connecting professional astronomers, astronomy educators, planetariums, science centres and amateur astronomer communities in the Tunisia.

5- Support Astronomical Clubs and Associations. 6- Support gender equality and women and girls in Astronomy.

*** For More Information ***

OAO : https://www.iau.org/public/oao/

OAO Team : https://www.iau.org/public/oao/members/

NOC : https://www.iau.org/public/noc/ IAU : https://www.iau.org/

IAU National Outreach Coordinators : https://www.iau.org/public/noc/?fbclid=IwAR3uP5y_5HLq8lvwe7UA84xnR7HL2xaIveECGKqJgL5yU5rRFjBUxHI2zog

NOC Tunisia : https://sites.google.com/oao.iau.org/iauoaonews/national-pages/Tunisia?fbclid=IwAR3b_qdIkqMhRKRFj5njpm6DJNn17Hc2TgCuNKeHaC4yVAFlPQa_jZ13fLo 

*** To contact NOC ***

Email: NOC.IAU.Tunisia@gmail.com

Mobile: +39.3270080129 / +216.26 933 878 / +32.468524004

FaceBook page : https://www.facebook.com/pg/OAOTUNISIA/posts/