Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

Wael Jomni

Aerospace Engineering and Business intelligence Student, Young Entrepreneur, Amateur astronomer and Science Communicator. As head of the Astronomy department at The Youth and Science Association of Tunisia (AJST) and member of the Executive Committee in charge of planning, organizing and development of scientific programs, his interests focus on teaching astronomy and space science in integrated and out-of-school contexts, finding ways of helping people use and understand science, and the promotion of scientific literacy more generally. He was appointed as Ambassador of Universe Awareness program (UNAWE) in Tunisia since 2016, an international astronomy programme endorsed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and Leiden University, and contributed to the Space Awareness program by adding various astronomy tutorials. He co-founded many national and international scientific projects such as FabLab Solidaire Tunis, Gabes and the Mobile FabLab and "Lustrous Planet Magazine".

Email: waeljomn@gmail.com

Mobile: +216.54782575