Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

Technical Director
Fedi Sebei

Fedi graduated a geology Engineer in 2016 at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University Tunis El Manar II. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Earth science, Speciality "Mineral and energy resources" at the same Faculty in 2013, after that he succeeded to attend the first year Master degree in minerals resources "Exploration and Development" which allow him to access the Specific National contest for engineering schools, following his passion of geology. After his graduation, he had the chance to complete the Master degree about modeling in hydraulics and environment (MHE) at the National Engineers School of Tunis in 2017. Since childhood, he has a dream to be an astronomer and see the earth from space, he has been passionate about space and planets in books. Since almost always, he has raised their eyes to the sky to discover the stars, the moon and the planets. He wanted for a long time to share his passion in astronomy with as many people as possible. He joined the astronomy club of Houcine Bouziane of Tunis in September 2015.He participated in several astronomical events and the first was ‘‘The First International Symposium for Students Amators of Astronomy’’ in April 2016 where he met students passionate with astronomy from all over Tunisia and professionals from all over the world and it was his first observation with telescopes and his first look at the universe. In 2017, he became a member of the Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers (TAYA) as a technical director and he started his journey in astronomy. Then, he participated in an Astrophotography training in Djerba in August 2018, besides he participated in many other trainings and events like NASA Space Apps Challenge in April 2016. He has the honor to participate in the National Festival of Astronomy held at the Palace of Culture Malik Haddad in Constantine-Algeria in April 2018 and he was selected to attend the third school for Astrophysics in Lebanon organized by the Arab Astronomical Society (ArAS) where he has understood several aspects in astrophysics and used and practiced a lot of softwares applied in astronomy and meet with a group of international professors who have extensive experience in this field. Also, he animated some astronomy classes for children. He believes that he will come a day and will realize his dreams and travel to space and see the earth from Space !!! Pythagore said “Always choose the path that seems the best even if it seems more difficult: the habit will soon make it pleasant.”

Email: s.fedi2013@hotmail.fr

Mobile: +216.52874765