Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

Administrative manager
Asma Bdhief

Asma has the Fundamental Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and the National Degree of Engineer in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation from the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar II.
Asma is an Amateur Astronomer. She has never-ending love for Astronomy. She has started this love when she was child by looking up at night, taking a moment to imagine standing beneath a beautiful starry sky and watching documentaries about space showing the planets, the stars, the greatness of galaxies, the vastness of space and the awe-inspiring cosmos that scientists are still trying to explain.
So, after her graduation, she has become a member in the Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers on March 2018. She is an active member at the Association. She helps in monitoring and training new staff members, participating in many National and International Astronomy events such daily Activities, Trainings, Challenges competitions, Festivals, Astrophotography Courses and doing conferences and lectures as well. After a few months, she becomes a member of the Tunisian NOC Committee for the Office of Astronomy Outreach of the IAU, so nowadays she is involved in the mean Outreach projects linked to OAO office in Tunisia.

Email: asmabdhief@gmail.com

Mobile: +216.26 933 878