Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers

Mejri Ziad

He is officially graduated in Languages, specifically in Italian language but his first passion was, and he would always be for science. He started with scientific associations of popularization of scientific knowledge and animation, especially for the children and the young amateurs, but also with the creation of the pages of translation of the articles and the strictly scientific documentaries with a team of the specialists in different domains science and linguistics. His first page was "Scientia Potentia est" and "Tunisian scientific club". it was really a great job not only to help people to know better science but also to make them know the scientific methodology. Thus, He was recognized as a facilitator and animator in astronomy and life and earth sciences since 2011 in the association "Tunisian association of youth and science AJST" and "Astronomy Club of Ben Arous "with a long career all these years organizing events and participations in others as a trainer, lecturer and direct stand chef. His participation included all star nights between 2011 and 2018 in several regions, the AeroSpina in Monastir for 2016 and 2017, AeroDay in 2017 and 2018, observation nights in Ben Arous, Two trainings at his center CUDAC students , ... Also, he had the honor of launching an astronomy club for a group of scouts in Medjez ElBab and another for the private cultural center BelHassen Ben Chaaben and a third at Lokmen private primary school in Kram and supervision Astronomy Club Ben Arous High School. and, as amateur trainer, he does not stop to follow courses in astrophysics and cosmology through official MOOOC sites such as Coursera including thermodynamics and spectrometry among other ... Astronomy for him is not only a science but also an inspiration, a passion and a spirituality. it always reminds him to be modest, humanist and far from dogmas and pre-thought.

Email: Mejri.ziad@gmail.com

Mobile: +216.97531704